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Yes! Use our BuyForMe service to purchase from U.S. retailers. With our Buy For Me service, we use our company credit card, company check, or PayPal account to pay for your merchandise. We then charge your credit card or you can send us a wire transfer or check/ money order for the purchase.

Once the order is delivered to our New Jersey location, it may take up to 8 hours, after the packages arrival, for our operations team to prepare and update the details of your order into your account. If you do not see the package in your account within 8 hours, please let us know immediately. If your package does not have your correct Name or Suite number and if you have not notified us within 5 days, we will not be responsible or incur liability for your package.

Most online retailers follow the same format for addresses. You should fill them out as outlined below.

Your New Jersey address:

Address Line 1 (Street address): 460 Main Ave
Address Line 2 (Apt #): Suite 12345*
City: Wallington
State: NJ or New Jersey
Zip Code: 07057

Your Delaware (Tax Free) address**:

Address Line 1 (Street address): 28 W Ayre Street
Address Line 2 (Apt #): Suite 12345*
City: Wilmington
State: DE or Delaware
Zip Code: 19804

*The Suite number will be unique for you. You can find your Suite number in your account.

**If you have mail or packages sent to your Delaware address, please keep in mind it will take an additional 1 – 2 business days for your items to be entered into your NYBox account, as your merchandise must be transferred from Delaware to our New Jersey location.

Please ensure that all of your shipments include your complete NYBox address, including your unique Name and unique Suite number. Any packages shipped to us with an incomplete or inaccurate Name and address will cause delays and will be handled by our special handling department. Any packages needing review for incomplete or incorrect addresses will be charged a $5 special handling fee per package.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards as well as PayPal payments, Western Union and wire transfers (availability of payment options depends on your country). Please note that payments via Western Union or wire transfers may have additional fees.

Once you receive your NYBox address, contact your credit card company and add it as a secondary ship-to or secondary billing address. Now, when you make purchases from U.S. retailers, your shipping address will match your records on file with the credit card company.

All credit card companies should allow you to add the secondary address. If you encounter any difficulties, we suggest you speak to a manager at the card company. If you are still having trouble adding the address, please contact us for more suggestions.

You can use a new Credit card immediately to make a payment; but in order to COMPLETE the payment and start processing your items; we need to carry out a ONE TIME verification.

We verify ALL credit cards. The credit card information you provide MUST match what your banking institution has on file. If your bank is unable to verify this information, we will require you provide us with two forms of identification and scans (front and back) of your credit card along with a scan of your latest bank statement (first 3 pages). Credit card verification may take up to 2 business days. Because of that, we advise you enter your credit card information 2 days prior to usage.

In addition we also have online verification with over 90% of the on-line US companies. We also verify with them all members transactions. If any member has purchased items from a US Company which we cannot verify with that company, members account are immediately put on-hold and additional information will be requested from member.

We use Aramex, DHL, NEX World Wide, TNT-FedEx, UPS and the United States Postal Service for shipments to any country. In addition to these, we also utilize specialized courier companies that provide service to certain countries.


Aramex delivers to your door in 4 to 7 business days.
DHL delivers to your door in 2 to 5 business days.
TNT delivers to your door in 3-to 5 business days.
UPS Saver delivers to your door in 5 to 10 business days.
USPS delivers to your door in 10 to 20 business days
NEX Worldwide Express (Turkey) delivers to your door in 3 to 7 business days.

You can see all of the couriers for your country on our Rates page.

We hold your items until you tell us to ship them. Our Offices and Warehouse are open Monday through Friday, except holidays, and if you choose to ship during a weekend or holiday, we will ship your items the next business day. Shipments will leave our warehouse at 17:00 Eastern Time Monday through Friday. 

We provide 30 days of free storage, but we can only keep your packages for a maximum of 65 days.

Yes! If you have multiple items in your account, you can choose the "repack" option, and your packages will be repacked within one business day (Monday - Friday).

We advise you to wait for ALL items to be in your account before you request “repack”. If you believe that you can save on shipping fees by removing unnecessary packaging, price tags or by combining your items, you can choose to "repack" the packages from your account. You can tell us how you want us to repack your items under the "Additional Instructions" field. Premium Members “repack” is free unless you request a second repack. There will be a $5.00 "repack" fee for every additional package added to the original repack. If you request a repack of liquids with other items, please note that NYbox accepts no liability for any liquids damaging other items in transit. If you choose to ship your packages without repacking them first, our warehouse will still attempt to consolidate your packages unless you instruct us otherwise under "Additional Instructions." To maximize your savings request a ‘repack” prior to SHIPPING. No credits will be given after the shipment goes out.

Our shipping rates are for door-to-door delivery. There may be additional import or duty fees for merchandise shipments coming into your country. These fees vary by country and they are not covered by NYBox. Please contact your local customs office or our representative office in your country for more information on duty or import fees.

Although prohibited items vary by country, in no case can we ship internationally the following items:

- Hazardous Materials (matches, chemicals, explosives)
- Weapons, Parts, Ammunitions, Knives and Scopes
- Batteries (batteries inside mobile phones or laptops are OK)
- Fresh Food and other Perishables
- Plants and Fresh Flowers
- Coffee, alcohol (beer, wine, liquor)
- Frozen Items
- Combustible/Flammable Materials (paints, oils, nail polish, perfumes, fragrances, hairspray, lighters and other flammable products)
- Pressurized Alcohol and Sprays
- Animals (Reptiles must be shipped in approved packaging by a specialized dealer)
- Bullion
- Currency
- Gambling devices
- Ivory
- Drugs/Narcotics
- Tobacco
- Human Remains
- Pornography
- Collectibles/Antiques/Rare items worth more than $499

Please ensure that any items you ship are allowed into your country before you ship the item. NYBox will not be responsible for items that are delayed, confiscated, or produce excessive duties due to customs regulations or customs difficulties. You may also check the web sites of DHL, FEDEX, UPS and the USPS or check with your local customs office. Please note that most carriers won't accept expensive jewelry for shipping or insurance.

Yes! We can ship your packages with the USPS, which will be delivered by your local postal service.

However, USPS shipments can take 10 to 20 business days for delivery, we cannot insure USPS shipments, and we cannot guarantee the delivery of USPS shipments.

You will see an EMS tracking number (e.g. CJ123456789US) in your account 3 business days after your shipment leaves our warehouse.

If you have any questions regarding USPS shipments, please contact us at

With a NYBox membership you will have online access to your account. You will receive e-mail notifications when parcels or documents arrive your address.

We have two types of membership plans:

You can sign up for a Standard account, which has no monthly fee; you only pay when you ship. This membership is ideal if you only receive a few packages and you just want to have them shipped.

You can also sign up for a Premium account (minimum 3 months) for $15 each month OR $150 each year. With our Premium membership, you will have full access to services such as scanning and emailing your letters, free package consolidation, and you will be offered unbeatable shipping rates.


You can compare the different services and rates associated with your account on our Rates page, by clicking on your membership type.

Your Premium membership will automatically renew each month, until you cancel it through your account.


You can log on to your NYBox account with a web browser at any time. Your online account gives you the complete status of your merchandise and shipments, account status and more… Also, you will receive an e-mail notification whenever you receive a package or when we send a shipment to you.
Yes. We will immediately begin accepting all of your mail and merchandise but we cannot forward these to you until we receive your signed authorization form allowing us to accept mail and merchandise in your name. This form will be created automatically once you have registered. All you need to do is sign and send it to us via E-mail, Fax or Mail.
You can cancel your Standard Membership (Pay per Use Service) any time and effective immediately by sending an email to As a Standard Member you can upgrade to Premium membership by logging into your account ("Click to Get Your Premium Membership") or by sending an email to You can cancel your Premium Membership (Subscription Service, minimum 3 months) prior to the end of each monthly expiration date, by logging into your account or by sending an email to ( You can also switch to a Standard Membership by clicking "Switch to Standard Membership" in your account. NYBox may terminate your membership at any time at its sole discretion.


Our facility is open Monday through Friday. Usually if a shipment couldn't be delivered to your address, it is because it was attempted to be delivered on Saturday or Sunday. However, please be advised that shipments that could not be delivered to our location on the weekend are delivered to us the following Monday, therefore you do not have to arrange for re-delivery.

If you have received an order that you would like to return, you will need to email us and arrange to send the items back to our facility in New Jersey. When we receive the item(s), our operations team will prepare and return the items back to the seller for you. There is a $15 return processing fee that will be applied for each returned order. 

However, please make sure to contact the seller beforehand to notify them that you will be retuning the item(s) since many stores require you to return within 30 days of the order date.