Buy For Me


What is Buy For Me Service?

This is a popular service many members take advantage of whom are not able to purchase products from U.S. retailers. The 'Buy For Me' team will purchase your requested product(s) from the U.S. retailers for you. NYBox ‘Buy For Me’ team will be in contact with you until all product(s) that you have requested are purchased, delivered and updated into your account.


The benefits of buying with our 'Buy For Me' Services

  • We purchase the item(s) you request with any payment method the seller wants
  • Hassle Free - We purchase the items for you and keep track until it’s delivered
  • Buy For Me team will assist you in case you need to return or exchange the purchased item(s)

How the Buy For Me service works:

When you have decided on what you would like purchased using our Buy For Me service, you will need to send us the details of your order by logging into your account.


Click on the Buy For Me and 'Start New Buy For Me Order'

Login to your account and click to 'Start New Buy For Me Order'

Add a New Order Item

Enter Information,
  • Item Description
  • Item Website URL (Example:
  • Quantity
  • Special Instructions (Color, size, additional selections etc.)

Buy For Me Team will get pricing information for your order

The information you provide is reviewed by one of the representatives from our Buy For Me purchasing team and the order total is computed.

The Buy For Me order total contains the following components:
  • Item Total - the total amount of the prices of the requested items
  • Sales Tax - U.S. sales tax (if applicable)
  • Domestic Shipping Cost – the cost of shipping from the seller to our facility in New Jersey
  • Credit Card Fee - this 4.5% fee is charged on all Buy For Me orders paid by credit card.
  • Buy For Me Commission - the Buy For Me commission fee is 15% for Standard members and 10% for Premium members. It is the percentage of the order total (subtotal + sales tax + domestic shipping)
Once your order pricing is done, you will receive an email notification. Usually, response time for Buy For Me orders are within 24-48 business hours of the time you have submitted your Buy For Me request.

Confirm Your Order

On the Buy For Me Order page, click on ‘View Details’ to view the order total and to complete Confirmation & Checkout process of your order. Once the checkout is done, our purchasing team will start processing your order immediately.

If you don’t want to have your order completed, that is not a problem. You can simply click to cancel the order from your account.

After you have confirmed your Buy For Me order, you don’t have to do anything else! The representatives from our purchasing team will take care of the rest. They will complete the order for you and keep track of it until it is delivered and updated into your account. When it is delivered, you will be notified via email.

If you have any additional questions or concerns regarding the Buy For Me process, you may send an email to We will be glad to help.
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