NYBox connects thousands of people around the world to the U.S. market and gives them personalized value-added services to make their shopping experience in the U.S. hassle-free and enjoyable.

Here are some common issues when shopping from U.S. retailers:

  • Retailers will not accept international credit cards
  • Retailers are not selling to overseas shoppers
  • Retailers have very expensive shipping rates
  • Retailers accept PayPal or such payment methods only
  • You do not trust a website and do not want to use your credit card.

Here are some advantages of shopping with NYBox Services:

  • Use your New Jersey street address for retailers not shipping overseas
  • Enjoy lower shipping rates to your country so you can buy more items and SAVE
  • Have your items combined into a single box and save on shipping charges
  • Use 'BuyForMe' service - we purchase the item(s) you want from the U.S. sellers

And much more... Please check the list of our services

All of these services and more provided by NYBox are managed by you online with state-of-the-art management tools. You have full control of your items in your mailbox.


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