Get Your NYBox NY Address

Once you have signed up, we assign you a New Jersey street address with your own unique suite number.

Your Address will be similar to:
Joe Black
460 Main Ave
Suite # 1001 (the suite number will be unique for you)
Wallington, NJ 07057

(Please note that the address that will be provided to you is not a PO Box address.)

Start Shopping in the US and Ship Internationally

You can use your New Jersey address to receive mail, packages and any purchased items from USA. If you need help Shopping from U.S retailers, use our Online Shopping tools to find Items and Deals.Product Search tools will help you find best deals on items you would like to buy.

Shop with Coupons tool will help you get discount coupons from top merchants.
Shop with Amazon Store to find what NYBox Members are mostly buying from Amazon.
Shop with Ebay Store to purchase item from eBay without an eBay account in U.S.
Buy For Me Service to purchase product for you, when you are not able to purchase products from U.S. retailers.

Receive Your Items

When a shipment arrives at your US shipping address, you will receive a notification via e-mail advising you to login to your account to see what has arrived, to view its picture and other details. You will be able to select any item(s) in your mailbox that you want shipped to you, with benefits such as:

Low shipping rates to your country
Combining your items into a single box to save on shipping charges,
Fast Delivery service to your door in 2-6 Business days.

Try our "Shop USA Ship International" system today. Click here to sign up for membership