U.S Street Address

We assign you a New Jersey street address with your own unique suite number. You can use this address to receive mail, packages and purchased items.

Once a shipment arrives at your NY address, you will receive a notification via e-mail advising you to login to your account to see what has arrived, to view its picture and other details.

Your Address will be similar to:
Joe Black
460 Main Ave
Suite # 1001 (the suite number will be unique for you)
Wallington, NJ 07057

Please note that the address that will be provided to you is not a PO Box address.

Product Sourcing Order Fulfillment Services

NYBox.com provides product sourcing and order fulfillment services to foreign manufacturer, wholesaler or retailer that wants to reach individual consumers in the USA. With this service; we store your USA inventory, handle the packing, and package forwarding at a very reasonable price to you or your customers. Your products will be shipped directly from the USA (with a USA return address) to your customers.

Storage and Consolidation of your Packages

Once all of the orders you have placed have arrived and have been updated into your account, you are now ready to ship the items to your address anywhere around the world. To further help you save on shipping costs, we provide a consolidation service where our operations team combines all of the packages, you want shipped, into one box. By repackaging all of the items into one shipment, the combined weight is reduced and your shipping cost is minimized.

There is a parcel consolidation fee of only $5 per box for Standard members. If you upgrade to Premium membership, please note that there is no consolidation fees.

Did you receive a large shipment in your account? Our operations team can also repackage the order into a smaller box to help you save on shipping costs.

Shipping Worldwide

You can select to ship the item(s) in your account anytime of the day from your account. The shipping rates offered to all of our members are discounted at 40% - 60% off list prices offered from major carriers such as DHL & FedEx. Also, for your convenience, our shipping rates already include fuel surcharge fees. We have a ‘No Surprise’ pricing policy; you will not be faced with any hidden charges! You can view our shipping rates by clicking on Services & & Rates.

Each shipment sent to your address is already insured for up to $100. However, if you wish to insure for a certain amount, please notify us before you select to ship. To learn more about the insurance fees, please visit our Services & Rates page.

Once your items have been shipped, the tracking number of your shipment will be updated into your account where you will be able to keep track of your items at every step. Please note that once you have selected to ship your items, it will be prepared and shipped out within the same day. However, shipments are not processed on weekends and certain holidays (notified on our main page within two weeks before the holiday).

Buy For Me Services

This is a popular service many members take advantage of whom are not able to purchase products from U.S. retailers. The 'Buy For Me' purchasing team will be in contact with you until all item(s) you have requested are purchased, delivered and updated into your account.

Our purchasing team is an expert in finding the best deals for you and buying items that are sold on auction sites such as eBay, UBid and other similar websites.

Also, another great benefit, offered to all of our members, who place a Buy For Me order from the stores listed below, will not be charged any commission fees.

  • GAP, Old Navy, Banana Rebuplic, Piperlime, Athleta
  • Armani Exchange
  • Victoria's Secret
To learn more about this service, please visit the Buy For Me page under the shopping tab.


Shoping Tools

You can use your New Jersey address to receive mail, packages and any purchased items from USA. If you need help Shopping from U.S retailers, use our Online Shopping tools find Items and Deals.

Product Search tools will help you find best deals on items you would like to buy.
Shop with Coupons tool will help you get discount coupons from top merchants.
Shop with Amazon Store to find what NYBox Members are mostly buying from Amazon.
Shop with eBay Store to purchase item from eBay without an eBay account in U.S.
Buy For Me Service to purchase product for you, when you are not able to purchase products from U.S. retailers.

Scan & Email Requests

Will you be receiving mail and letters? If you do, you can send us a request to scan and email the documents to your email address. This service will avoid the costs in shipping the letters to your address. Please be advised that there is a $2 fee for each request.

Trash an Item / Letter

We can discard junk mail, magazines or any item you request to be trashed at no cost to you. You can send your request to discard your item(s) by logging into your account, clicking on ‘Trash Item’ and submitting your request.

The maximum storage period for all mail and packages in your account is 65 days from the date of arrival. We store your items at our location for free up to 30 days. After 30 days, there is an additional daily storage charge for each pound. To learn more about the storage fee, please visit our Services & Rates page.