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Shop Online, Ship International: The Advantages of Mail Forwarding Services

Thanks to the advantages in technology in the recent years, online shopping and international shipping have become two things that go hand in hand. It is safe to say that the web-savvy world that we have today has launched countless online merchants to a global audience. Anyone with to the Internet are given unlimited access to these sellers’ digital catalogs to look at the latest products and, more importantly, to purchase them from anywhere in the world!

With so many options, brands and styles to choose from, shopping online is a fun experience. Plus, there are a lot of amazing online sales events that you can always take advantage of. For international shoppers, however, online shopping experience can turn into a less enjoyable one once they hit the Check Out button and see the total cost of their purchase once shipping fees are calculated. Fortunately, NY Box offers mail forwarding services that essentially gives you and the rest of online shoppers worldwide an alternative way to deal with deliverables without having to pay excessive international shipping costs.

First things first:

After completing the sign-up process, we assign you a valid and unique street address in New York. You will then be available to shop your favorite brands such as Apple, Armani Exchange, Dell, Converse, Nike – and virtually any online merchant in the United States – using your New York address as your shipping address. Need help in shopping from US merchants? Feel free to use our various online shopping tools! You can run a search on products, shop at Amazon and EBay, and even get coupons from top retailers. Additionally, in an event that you are unable to purchase products on your own, you can make use of our Buy for Me Service and let our expert purchasing team do the shopping for you.

All these items you purchased will be shipped to the New York address that we have given you. As soon as your shipment arrives, we will notify you through email and advise you to login to your NY Box account. You will then be able to view specific details such as which items have arrived and even see their pictures. You may select to have all or one or two of these packages forwarded to your international address at a low shipping cost.

Browse our Support page for the Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly at (email) support@nybox.com, (phone) +1 (212) 231-8700 and (fax) +1 (718) 482-7407 for additional help. You may also chat with us or leave us a message through our Live Support channel.

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How to Buy a Laptop Online


So you’re thinking of buying a new laptop. But with so many offers and so many competitive features to choose from, how do you decide what to buy and where to buy it?  This is where the Internet comes in handy:

1.      Comparison – The world of computer hardware is very dynamic. Every year hundreds of new laptop models are released on the market. All this variety means that you need to know what features to look for and which laptop functions best suit your individual needs and purposes. For instance, some laptops feature built-in webcams and preinstalled media software, while others are specially designed with gamers in mind. However if you are a serious computer game player, a desktop might serve you better since you can more easily upgrade your video and sound cards as well as the memory. Buying online also allows you to thoroughly research the product you are considering and to easily compare between the more interesting offers. Simply go to one of the popular comparison websites where you will find a variety of tools you can use in your research, such as designated tables with the specific features of the laptops you’re interested in, reviews of the product from other users, popularity graphs, and more.

3226328230_f2921380a6_z2.      Price – With so much competition out there and so many attractive offers to choose from, you want to make sure you’re getting the best price available. Laptops prices are constantly changing, so take time to verify that the offer you are considering is still the best one on the market. Once you have chosen the model you intend to buy, do a quick online price comparison for the same product. This way you won’t find yourself purchasing a new laptop one day, only to discover the next day that you could have bought it at a 10% discount somewhere else. And here’s a bonus tip for buying laptops online: Don’t forget to check the public/group sales; they usually offer the best deals, although you won’t find the most advanced laptop models there.

3.      Warranty – Make sure you’re buying from a certified importer who offers a manufacturer’s warranty (don’t compromise on this). If you have a technical problem with your new laptop, take it to the manufacturer’s point of service for repair – it doesn’t matter to them if you bought it online or at a store.

4.      Shipping Fees – Nowadays, most retailers don’t charge you extra for shipping because the shipping fee is already included in the laptop price. However even if you do have to pay for shipping, some online laptops deals offer such great savings that you still end up with the lowest price on the market

Buying a laptop online is easier than ever these days.  With prices that can’t be beat and the convenience of shopping from the comfort of your own home, it won’t be long before you’ll be living in the ‘lap’ of luxury and surfing the Internet from your new laptop computer.

Image:  All rights reserved by Jari Tomminen

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Got My New US Shipping Address: Now What?

Congratulations! You’ve officially become a NYBox member and can now shop ’till you drop online with your newUSshipping address. Whether you signed up because you live abroad and were unable to provide a valid US shipping address as required by many of the top US retailers or whether you joined because you don’t own an international credit card, you are now all set to enjoy not only a reliable mail forwarding service but a whole slew of special shopping benefits.

Armed with a USshipping address, shopping online has never been so easy or so much fun. Some of the best deals on the market are found exclusively on the Internet, meaning you can expect great savings on the most popular brands, the latest styles, and the hippest trends. As a NYBox standard or premium member, you will furthermore have access to discount coupons, last-minute deals, and special offers from some of the biggest names in the business, including Amazon, eBay, Target, Sears, Zappos, Best Buy, Gap, Nike, GUESS, Esprit, Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Ralph Lauren, Victoria’s Secret, JCPenney, The Body Shop, Toys R Us, Disney, and more.

However clothing and accessories are not the only products featured on the website. In fact, as a NYBox member, you can do an internal search for product categories such as books, music, movies, computers, electronics, health & beauty, home and garden, appliances, kids and family, baby care, jewelry and watches, sports and outdoors, magazine subscriptions, office supplies, video games,  and gift ideas.

Once your parcels arrive at your new USshipping address, they are many ways for how to get mail forwarded to your current location. Helping you save even more money is a special service known as package consolidation, wherein multiple purchases (even from different vendors) are combined into one large package for shipping purposes, saving you big bucks on individual shipping fees. If you require quicker delivery than standard or economy shipping (typically arriving within 3-10 business days), you can select from several express shipping options at competitive rates (i.e. international priority shipping, next flight out, overnight express, etc.). Not sure of the status of your shipment? Simply use the online shipment tracking tool, allowing you to follow your shipment every step of the way from your home computer.

But the news gets even better. Upon receiving your new US shipping address, you immediately become eligible for special personal shopping tools offered by NYBox – which is the equivalent of having a personal shopping assistant at your beckon call 24/7, every day of the year! Chief among these is “Buy for Me,” wherein you simply request the items you want, and the service will buy them for you and bill you later. There are no hidden or commission fees, and as always, your purchases will be forwarded directly to your front door. Moreover, the service will automatically scour the Web looking for the best prices on your favorite items, comparing prices offered by the topUSretailers as well as auction sites such as UBid and eBay. If you’re not sure what’s hot and what’s not nowadays, you can also look at which items other NYBox members are buying.

Happy Shopping!

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We are always seeking for new content and ideas from our readers.

Our blog, http://www.nybox.com/blog publishes articles about online shopping with sales, trends, tips, advice or any topic related to promoting online shopping and its benefits. Articles for international shoppers outside the US are preferable.

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If you qualify under the guidelines mentioned, please send your suggested guest post to:
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Due to large amount of requests, only qualified requests would be contacted for further information.
We preserve the right to modify certain posts as we deem fit.

Thank you for your time and contribution.


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Online Shopping and the 10 Traps You Should Know About

Without a doubt, the Internet has dramatically changed the way people do their shopping. At one time, online retailers were just an outlet for unique items. Today, online shopping has increased credibility and it is reckoned that half of consumer shopping is done online. Online purchases of heavy items as domestic electrical products, furniture, computers and even cars, have obviously brought about a world of convenience.


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