US Shipping Address Makes International Purchasing Simpler!


If you like to purchase goods from the U.S. you know how frustrating it can be. U.S. retailers often refuse to ship goods to international customers without US shipping addresses or they charge large shipping fees. We have created the perfect solution! By becoming a member of NYBox, you can receive a unique, assigned US shipping address. This will allow you to purchase easily from U.S. retailers and have your packages forwarded from New Jersey to your door in as few as 2-6 business days! Click here to sign up.

What are the steps to acquiring a US shipping address with NYBox?

The process to sign up for a US shipping address is simple. You can sign up for a standard or premium US shipping address membership. You should determine which membership is best for you based on the frequency you like to purchase goods in the U.S. If you like to shop a lot or shop regularly in the U.S., consider a premium membership. If you only plan to shop once in a while, you may want to explore the standard membership. Both memberships offer great benefits. Standard members do not pay a setup fee nor do they pay a monthly fee. Standard members are billed $5 per box for consolidation services. Standard members typically see an average savings of 40% on shipping rates. Premium members receive consolidation services for free and do not pay a setup fee. Premium members pay a subscription fee of $15 per month. Premium members typically see a savings of 60% off standard shipping rates. Both standard and premium members receive the following benefits once they sign up for a US shipping address membership with us:

  • Real-time mailbox management
  • Junk mail services (discard)
  • Online shipment tracking
  • "Buy For Me" option
  • Fuel surcharge included in shipping rates described by NYBox
We have listed our shipping rates for forwarding goods from your US shipping address all the way to your door. We disclose all our fees upfront, which include fuel surcharge fees - no hidden costs ever! Click here to review our services and shipping rates.

Additional Services and Perks

In addition to your US shipping address, you will have access to our amazing shopping tools. Our shopping tools can help you find the products you want at the best prices. You will also have access to sites such as Amazon and eBay through our website, making purchasing even easier! We keep close tabs on the hottest sales and coupons available, keeping you informed so you can save. Having a US shipping address often makes purchasing from the U.S. simple, however, we can make your purchases for you if you like! Choose the “Buy for Me” option and have us buy your goods for you. Once we buy the items you want, we will bill your credit card or you can send payment through wire transfer or check. Your goods will be shipped to your US shipping address and then forwarded to your door when you want them—you can store packages for up to 30 days without a charge!

If you'd like to make purchasing from your favorite U.S. merchants simple, sign up for a membership with NYBox or call us at +1-212-231-8700 and start shopping today with your own US shipping address!

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Almost 9 years ago NYBox story began at our Manhattan office with a small warehouse space.
Our members' tremendous support and graceful loyalty kept us growing and
we opened our Long Island City, NY and Delaware warehouses in the following years.

Now, we are extremely happy to announce that we are moving our Long Island City warehouse to our new 55,000 sqft (5,000 m2) New Jersey facilities.

Don't worry, we will still be accepting your packages at our Long Island City warehouse for a couple more weeks.
Also, our DELAWARE warehouse will keep operating; so no changes with your Delaware suite!

As of November 23, 2016; make sure you either use your existing Delaware Suite or your NEW JERSEY suite when you are shopping.

Meanwhile, our support team will be assisting you about any questions and concerns regarding this transformation.

Your new NJ Suite address will be as follows:
460 Main Ave
Wallington, NJ 07057

We appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience and thank you for your continous support!