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How do I buy stuff from eBay?
Search and Buy Yourself

NYBox provides an easy-to-use eBay product search tool for you convenience. Just do the search and buy your favorite items from eBay using your own eBay account.
Search and Buy with NYBox

For eBay items that allow 'Buy It Now' option; NYBox offers a great solution. We buy the items for you using our eBay account. It's just like an automated Buy For Me service.
Auction Sniper

Most of the auctions on eBay are won or lost at the last second. Don't worry about the last second bids anymore. NYBox eBay Sniper makes the best offer on almost 95% of the auctions.
How do I benefit using NYBox eBay Store?
Using NYBox eBay Store you can easily search for products at eBay. You can use NYBox eBay account to make purchases. And for auction items, NYBox offers a great tool for you to grab you favorite items with our well-timed bidding strategy.

Start with doing a search or simply entering the Item Number of the product.

How to locate item number on eBay Product Details Page?
Item number is located at the top line in the 'Other item info' box. 'Other item info' box is the second box (from top) on the right hand side of an eBay Product Details page.

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Almost 9 years ago NYBox story began at our Manhattan office with a small warehouse space.
Our members' tremendous support and graceful loyalty kept us growing and
we opened our Long Island City, NY and Delaware warehouses in the following years.

Now, we are extremely happy to announce that we are moving our Long Island City warehouse to our new 55,000 sqft (5,000 m2) New Jersey facilities.

Don't worry, we will still be accepting your packages at our Long Island City warehouse for a couple more weeks.
Also, our DELAWARE warehouse will keep operating; so no changes with your Delaware suite!

As of November 23, 2016; make sure you either use your existing Delaware Suite or your NEW JERSEY suite when you are shopping.

Meanwhile, our support team will be assisting you about any questions and concerns regarding this transformation.

Your new NJ Suite address will be as follows:
460 Main Ave
Wallington, NJ 07057

We appreciate your understanding for any inconvenience and thank you for your continous support!