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We are always seeking for new content and ideas from our readers.

Our blog, http://www.nybox.com/blog publishes articles about online shopping with sales, trends, tips, advice or any topic related to promoting online shopping and its benefits. Articles for international shoppers outside the US are preferable.

If you are an experienced writer, a thought leader, or you just know you have a great idea for us and would like to contribute a guest post for our blog, please follow the guidelines listed below:

  • We will only accept top quality content on relevant topics that are of great interest to our readers.
  • The suggested guest post should include at least 500 words and be totally original, meaning not published anywhere else on the web.
  • Your guest post can include 1 backlink to either your blog homepage or an internal page of your website.
  • Additional information about the author can include a link to a social media profile.


If you qualify under the guidelines mentioned, please send your suggested guest post to:
marketing (at) nybox.com
We would be more than happy to review it for potential publishing

Due to large amount of requests, only qualified requests would be contacted for further information.
We preserve the right to modify certain posts as we deem fit.

Thank you for your time and contribution.


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